Sensorially Challenged Volume Two

Hi all,

In March I wrote a blog post about Adverbially Challenged Volume Four, an anthology I had written a short story for. This week I'm going to talk about Sensorially Challenged Volume Two, another anthology I'm included in.

The anthology has been published by Christopher Fielden, who hosts writing challenges on his website. You submit your themed story to one of the challenges and it is guaranteed to make it into the book. Once a challenge has received one hundred stories, he publishes them in print and ebook. I'm so grateful to be included in two of his anthologies, it truly is a wonderful feeling to see your work published!

The cover and blurb for Sensorially Challenged Volume Two

The cover and blurb for Sensorially Challenged Volume Two

To visit his website and check out his writing challenges, books and competitions, please click the link below:

I highly recommend buying the anthology, it's a great read. If you wish to buy a copy, please click the link below:

One of the best parts about the anthology is that a portion of the proceeds from each book goes to charity, in this case: National Literacy Trust.

To visit their website and check out the wonderful work they do, click here:

Unlike my last story which was about cats, this one was about a fox. Foxes are one of my favourite animals (I bet you can guess what my number one favourite animal is) and I've always wanted to write a story about one. This anthology is themed around senses, so I've tried to include as many as possible from the point of view of the fox.

Foxes are such sweet animals, and it was an easy choice to write a short piece about one. I thought about making the fox a Kitsune, but changed that idea at the last minute.

I hope you enjoyed this week's post. Next week I'm going to talk about why authors, traditionally published and self published, need to promote their books.

See you next week!